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  • Alpha Gamma Rho - Phi


    1111 Drake Dr

    Davis, CA 95616

    United States of America

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    (530) 756-9811


    Alpha Gamma Rho is the fraternity sharing a common bond within a dynamic, global agriculture committed to fostering the highest values and providing each and every brother with superior lifelong personal development and professional success.


    The Purpose of Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity

    To make better men, and through them a broader and better agriculture by surrounding our members with influences tending to encourage individual endeavor, resourcefulness, and aggressive effort along lines making for the development of better mental, social, moral, and physical qualities; to promote a wider acquaintance and a broader outlook on the part of agricultural men through fellowship in a national organization that stands for the best social, mental, and moral development.

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    Chapter Facts

    The Phi Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho was locally established May 1 of 1923 at UC Davis making it the first continuously running national fraternity on campus. They started as the Kappa Tau Fraternity, which was the first Agricultural Fraternity on campus. Many campus buildings are named after alumni of Alpha Gamma Rho such as Emil Mrak (Mrak Hall, Registrar's office), Orville Thompson (Thompson Hall, Segundo student housing), and Dean De Carli (the De Carli room, 2nd floor MU), Mel Olson Scoreboard (Aggie Stadium), and many more. AGR Hall is located inside the Buehler Alumni / Visitor's Center and is commonly used as a conference room. There are both national and local fraternities and sororities at UCD with diverse backgrounds and histories.