• A Letter to My Brother

    My Brother by deliberate choice,
    bound together by those holiest passions among men.
    You have been both teacher and learner,
    my confidant and my friend.

    We joined together with a singleness of purpose,
    to reach those goals that we set so high.
    We placed our trust in the other,
    to protect you I would die.

    We have relied on each other,
    held true to our solemn vows.
    We have wept for others together,
    and we weep together for you now.

    You will never know what you meant to us,
    your Brothers that today you leave behind.
    Each one has our memories,
    ones that will not fade with time.

    You now have a crown of gold,
    as you are sitting next to Gods throne.
    It is your turn to watch over your brethren,
    until the last one comes home.

    Pi chapter- Member #1469